How much will Greg Rousseau make in 2024 (and when can he sign an extension)?

Should the Buffalo Bills sign Greg Rousseau to a contract extension this offseason?
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The Buffalo Bills already made one decision this offseason in regard to former first-round pick Greg Rousseau but they may not be done quite yet. The Bills drafted Rousseau in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft and since then he has been basically the full-time starter with 46 starts over the first three seasons.

He once again will be one of the starting defensive ends and will stay in Buffalo through the 2025 season after the Bills picked up the fifth-year option this offseason. According to Spotrac, Rousseau will have a cap hit of $3.7 million this year which then jumps to $13.4 million next year due to the fifth-year option, which is a fully guaranteed salary.

When can the Buffalo Bills and Greg Rousseau negotiate a contract extension?

Technically the Buffalo Bills could already begin negotiating a contract extension because teams are allowed to start after their third season. However, neither side necessarily needs to be in a rush and this is something that could wait until next season.

Rousseau has a big salary jump for the 2025 season and one that is fully guaranteed and the Bills know that their starting defensive end is under contract for the next two years. However, this has not stopped Brandon Beane in the past from getting an extension done early.

In 2021, the Bills picked up Josh Allen's fifth year option in May but would work out a contract extension just a few months later. This certainly can be a benefit for teams because they can reduce the cap hit during that fifth-year option season and extend that money over the length of the contract.

This might make sense to get done now in case Rousseau has a breakout season this upcoming season and also creates some cap space to be used next offseason.