4 Buffalo Bills games in 2024 that could define Keon Coleman's rookie season

Keon Coleman has taken Bills Mafia by storm in the early going. We've all seen the multiple videos and quotes that have made us laugh. Coelman's September field success will be crucial for maintaining fan support.
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Week 5: at Houston Texans

It would make my day if Coleman had a bigger game that Stefon Diggs and the Bills come out victorious in this game. The Allen versus Diggs chatter will be front and center in this game, but can Coleman steal the show and have a dominant performance? The rational fan isn't expecting Coleman to replace Diggs from a statistical perspective, but if he outplays Diggs this week, it will further define Coleman's rookie season.

In my weekly score predictions article, I have the Bills winning this game in a big way. Buffalo will be fired up and come out ready to make a statement. I also think Allen will feed Coleman just to make a point, and I'm here for it. Aside from the inevitable Coleman versus Diggs that will be part of the talk that week, the Bills need to get a win against the Texans, who will likely be right there in the AFC playoff race. Last season, the Bills didn't own many tiebreakers, so let's hope that's not an issue in 2024.