Buffalo Bills free agency Q & A with AI

  • Should the Buffalo Bills resign A.J. Epenesa?
  • Who could be potential cap casualties in 2024?
  • What 2024 NFL free agents should the Buffalo Bills pursue?
  • Which Bills free agents should Buffalo try to retain?
  • Should the bills do everything they can to re-sign DaQuan Jones?

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Should the bills do everything they can to re-sign DaQuan Jones?

I think DaQuan Jones has become a fan favorite and rightfully so. During the first four weeks of the 2023 season, Jones was playing at an All-Pro level; however, his season was put on hold for the majority of the season afterward due to the injury. Yes, Jones got back in time for the playoffs but AI brought up a very significant point, actually two of them. Jones is 32 years old and over the last two seasons, has dealt with injuries that cost the Bills.

In 2022, Jones missed the Cincinnati playoff game due to an injury and we know about this past season. Same as with Leonard Floyd, age has to be a concern but his impact on the defensive line cannot be understated, as pointed out by AI. Other factors to weigh when considering re-signing Jones are the leadership he brings, as well as his familiarity with the defense. I think if the Bills could get him on another one-year deal but loaded with incentives, it would be a win for the team.


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