3 former Buffalo Bills players we’re glad are gone, 2 we wish stayed

What's the verdict on these departed Bills free agents?

Buffalo Bills, Gabe Davis
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Buffalo will wish these players could have stuck around

Jordan Poyer, S

This one hurt. Jordan Poyer was the heart and soul of this Bills defense for so long. It was a business decision, but one that hurt, nonetheless. Over the last couple of seasons, there was an argument to be made that, if Poyer was healthy and on the field, the Bills weren't going to lose the game. His impact meant that much to this unit.

Now in Miami, Poyer will get a chance to see his old team twice this year. That's going to be pretty tough to see, Poyer wearing Miami colors rather than Bills blue and red.

Leonard Floyd, DE

The Bills will roll into the 2024 season with Von Miller, Greg Rousseau and A.J. Epenesa as their primary pass rushers. Miller was gracious enough to agree to a pay cut, helpng the Bills out. Epenesa came back on a 2-year deal, although the Bills probably would have rather had Leonard Floyd back.

Yes, Floyd's deal with the San Francisco 49ers was roughly $4 million more annually, and the Bills wouldn't have wanted to fork out that type of cash, especially considering their cap situation. But, Floyd is a much more consistent pass rusher than Epenesa. Never having totaled over 6.5 sacks on a season, Epenesa is more of a rotational guy at best. Floyd, however, tied his career-high of 10.5 sacks with the Bills last year while playing on 54 percent of snaps.