3 former Buffalo Bills players we’re glad are gone, 2 we wish stayed

What's the verdict on these departed Bills free agents?

Buffalo Bills, Gabe Davis
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The Bills also won't miss these guys

Damien Harris, RB

Back when the Bills signed Damien Harris as a free agent last year, fans' worst fears about the signing revolved around Harris' health and injury history. Sure enough, just a few games into the 2023 campaign, Harris suffered a season-ending injury.

This isn't mean to be insensitive whatsoever, but the Bills should have never even signed Harris to begin with last year. It was a questionable move in the first place, and now, it looks just like many of us thought it would. Harris and his injury question marks will not be missed. It's time to move forward with a more reliable back field at this point.

Dane Jackson, CB

It isn't that Bills fans won't truly miss Dane Jackson, but this is more of a money conversation than anything else. The Carolina Panthers went out and signed Jackson, as a free agent, to a 2-year deal worth up to $14.5 million with incentives. There is just no way the Bills would have paid that kind of money to Jackson as a backup.

Sticking with Rasul Douglas and Christian Benford as the team's outside starters, for now, was the wise decision. Jackson was fine in coverage over his time with Buffalo. And, as a seventh-round pick, he's a great story. But for that kind of money, the Bills will not miss him. A replacement can be found via the draft.