Buffalo Bills find multiple starters in latest seven-round mock draft

Cooper DeJean
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The 2024 NFL Draft is less than a week away. Less than a week and we will find out what Brandon Beane decides to do for these Buffalo Bills. Bills fans and even national media pundits have decided that the most glaring need for these Bills is wide receiver, and for good reason.

With the trade of Stefon Diggs, they are left without a true number one receiver. But what if I told you that the Bills could use help at more than just receiver in the first two rounds? What if with the depth of this wide receiver class, it's not just Round 1 receiver or bust? That is exactly what I have explored in this draft, including using the concept of the best player available at a position of need.

For the purposes of this mock draft, I used the Pro Football Network mock simulator. In this simulation, I found a few draft steals, including players that likely will not fall as far as expected in the actual draft. I also found a way to get back into the third round while also picking 10 players overall. Considering how the Bills turned over this roster and are injecting youth into it, it makes sense to try and use as many draft picks as possible.

Buffalo Bills seven-round mock draft for the 2024 NFL Draft

Round 1, Pick #29-S Cooper DeJean, Iowa

The general consensus among many draft analysts and experts has named Cooper DeJean the best prospect at the defensive back role. With the position versatility of being both a cornerback or safety, plus his experience as a punt returner, it's not hard to see why he is the top prospect.

In this simulation, Detroit wanted to trade up one pick from #29 to #28 and used that pick for Bo Nix, quarterback out of Oregon. Unfortunately in real life, this trade doesn't make much sense considering the Lions still have a mostly-in-his-prime Jared Goff who led the Lions to the NFC Championship this past season.

Also, many mock drafts have Cooper DeJean being picked by Green Bay at #25 or even earlier, so this is a hell of a steal for the Bills. In this trade, the Lions gave picks #29 and #73 for picks #28, #133, and #160. This was well worth a trade for a player of this caliber, or at least the projection of what DeJean could be.