Buffalo Bills fans should be thankful for Mahomes, Chase beef

Buffalo Bills, Patrick Mahomes
Buffalo Bills, Patrick Mahomes / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Earlier this week, the Buffalo Bills had to deal with a little bit of drama when it came to wide receiver Stefon Diggs being absent from mandatory minicamp.

Across the AFC's elite, a couple of Bills rivals are now enjoying some friendly drama between the two of them. Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow was asked earlier in the week who he thought the best player in the league was, in which he responded, "Patrick Mahomes."

Later that day, Burrow's teammate, Ja'Marr Chase, was asked the same question. Chase's response?


That was followed quickly by, "Pat, who?"

It seems Mahomes heard about Chase's response, because soon thereafter, Mahomes posted this to his Twitter account after the Chiefs' Super Bowl ring ceremony.

The Buffalo Bills might enjoy some banter, but they don't need the drama

Look, the Bills already have quite the rivalries brewing with both the Bengals and the Chiefs.

For the Chiefs side of things, that rivalry really took a turn after the infamous 2022 playoff game that went to overtime and ultimately saw Kansas City walk it off. From there on out, everyone knew that Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes were going to put on a show every time their teams met. The final score of 42-36 revealed what could end up being a decade of shootouts between the two exciting teams.

As for Cincinnati, last year was a rollercoaster of emotions. The Bills and Bengals were to square off in a Monday Night Football matchup which was abruptly called off due to the Damar Hamlin scare. Then, in the postseason, the two teams met again and Buffalo was dominated in every phase of the game.

The last thing the Bills need is added drama to two already dramatic, entertaining rivalries. Buffalo has already had their fair share of drama this past week with the Diggs situation. With quarterback Josh Allen more locked in this year than any year of his career, thus far, the Bills need a limited set of distractions for the 2023 campaign.

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