Buffalo Bills fall in Week 2 AFC power rankings

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4 - Kansas City Chiefs (0 - 1)

The Kansas City Chiefs could have stayed in the number one spot but at the end of the day, they did lose the game, which regardless of situation, is all that matters. The Chiefs were without their two best players not named Patrick Mahomes and it showed on the offensive side. Mahomes receivers did him no favors, particularly Kadarius Toney. I'm not sure Toney is cut out for the NFL, there was a reason the Giants were so willing to trade him away. He can't stay healthy and even when he had chances to make plays, he literally dropped the ball. Fortunately for Chiefs fans, Kelce shouldn't be out long and likely plays this weekend.

3 - Miami Dolphins (1 - 0)

I considered putting the Dolphins at the number one spot but that thought didn't last long. No offense to the Dolphins, but their defense didn't look that great, giving up 34 points and 433 total yards. Offensively, they were great, but they will need more from their defense, going forward.

2 - Cleveland Browns (1 - 0)

The only part of the Browns' performance that was lacking was Deshaun Watson. He managed only 154 yards passing, one touchdown, and an interception. He also only 16 of 29 passes. However, the Browns racked up over 200 yards rushing but what their defense did to the Bengals, was beyond impressive. The Browns will be very tough to beat if their defense is truly this good.

1 - New Jersey Jets (1- 0)

I don't think the Jets will hold this spot for very long because of the quarterback situation. Unfortunately, Aaron Rodgers was lost for the years after only four plays into the game, which is why I considered them lower than number one. For now, they can have the spot. I'll give Zach Wilson the benefit of the doubt this week. Maybe he'll be better than he was last season. He might have learned a few things by hanging around Rodgers throughout training camp and practices. Besides, that Jets defense could be the best defense in the league, which will take this team a long way.

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