Buffalo Bills fall in Week 2 AFC power rankings

Buffalo Bills
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8 - Baltimore Ravens (1 - 0)

The Ravens were unimpressive for the most part and managed only seven points against the Houston Texans in the first half. They came out a little better in the second half, but this was a game they should have dominated from start to finish. I do expect the Ravens to improve, given a new offensive coordinator, scheme, and new receivers. It will take time for it all to mesh but until then, eighth is where they sit.

7 - Cincinnati Bengals (0 - 1)

Similar to the Steelers, this was a shock as well. The Cleveland Browns might be a very good team this season, but I don't think this game is how good they are. It seems that Burrow needed some practice time as he was not good on Sunday, completing less than 50 percent of his passes for a paltry 83 total passing yards. This isn't the Bengals we will see all season but as of this moment, they dropped in my rankings.

6 - Buffalo Bills (0 - 1)

Yet another stinker of a game. I guess if you're a Jets fan, it was almost what you hoped for but for Bills fans, Buffalo played poorly, particularly Josh Allen. He single-handedly cost the Bills this game. There were other areas the Bills didn't play that well, but this team should have won the game, but four turnovers from Allen, did the team in and they lost this one in overtime.

5 - Jacksonville Jaguars (1 - 0)

The Jacksonville Jaguars almost made the top four but for now, they come in at number five. They finished off the Indianapolis Colts but had it took a 14-point fourth quarter to pull ahead and pick up the win. I expected the Jaguars to win this game easily, but they struggled for three quarters.