Buffalo Bills fall in Week 2 AFC power rankings

Buffalo Bills
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12 - New England Patriots (0 - 1)

The New England Patriots fell behind quickly against the Philadelphia Eagles. They did get back into the game late, but they simply don't have enough offensive firepower to complete a comeback against the NFC Champion Eagles.

11 - Pittsburgh Steelers (0 - 1)

Wow, what happened to the Pittsburgh Steelers? They were dominated by the San Francisco 49ers, and I didn't expect the Steelers to win but I expected a competitive game, and they did not deliver. Now the question remains, Is Kenny Pickett the franchise quarterback that the Steelers hope he is? The other question is, are the Steelers this bad?

10 - Las Vegas Raiders (1 - 0)

I know some Raiders fans probably don't like that I have some teams that took a Week One loss ranked ahead of them, but I need more from the Raiders. They beat a bad Denver Broncos team by only one point. They totaled only 261 yards of offense and as much as I'd like to give them credit for holding the Broncos to only 260 yards, I think that is more about the Broncos offense than it is the Raiders defense.

9 - Los Angeles Chargers (0 - 1)

How bad is the Chargers defense? I know the Miami Dolphins have a dynamic offense with a lot of speed but they had an opportunity to win this game but let it slip away. I do give them some credit though as far as their offense is concerned but I need to see more from them before I believe they are better than number nine.