Buffalo Bills fall in Week 2 AFC power rankings

Buffalo Bills
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16 - Houston Texans (0 - 1)

I considered moving the Texans up at least one spot from last week's ranking but having watched the game, their offense was not good. They couldn't get the running game going at all and the offensive line was porous at best. On the defensive side, they played well but, in the end, it wasn't enough to move out of the 16th spot.

15 - Denver Broncos (0 - 1)

The Denver Broncos lost to the Las Vegas Raiders and never really looked consistent on offense yet again. Despite the addition of new coach Sean Payton, the Broncos still couldn't muster up more than 16 points. No player on the Broncos had more than 37 receiving yards.

14 - Indianapolis Colts (0 - 1)

Anthony Richardson's NFL debut was solid. He had the Colts in the lead and looked like they might pull off the upset but the Jaguars. Indianapolis went into the fourth quarter leading 21 - 17 but 14 unanswered points by Jacksonville pulled away and the Colts took the loss.

13 - Tennessee Titans (0 - 1)

I've commented before that I don't have any faith in the Titans because they don't have a good quarterback and Sunday's performance confirmed my belief. Tannehill passed for 198 yards, no touchdowns, and three interceptions. The Titans' defense, typically solid, allowed 351 total yards but they did hold the Saints to only 16 points; however, that was more than they could manage.