Extremely early cut candidates for the Buffalo Bills in 2024

Mitch Morse, Buffalo Bills
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Siran Neal

The Buffalo Bills drafted defensive back Siran Neal in the fifth round of the 2018 NFL Draft and over the four years of his rookie contract, he didn't have much of a role on the defensive side of the ball. However, he did become a key part of special teams and this was a big reason why Buffalo would sign him to a three-year extension worth $9 million last offseason.

He continued to be a big part of special teams with a career-high 317 special team snaps last year, which was 77% of the Bills' special team snaps. The snaps on defense though would drop to a career-low with only 63, or 6% of the defensive snaps.

While Siran Neal is a key part of special teams, it will be tough for the front office to fit his contract into the salary cap if he is limited almost exclusively to that part of the game. He doesn't have the cap savings some of the other players on this list do, with roughly only $2.2 million and dead cap of $1.07 million, but every little bit will help next offseason.