Buffalo Bills: Every AFC East rival's most overrated player

Buffalo Bills, Aaron Rodgers
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New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is overrated

It took forever and a day, but the New York Jets finally got the deal done for Aaron Rodgers. For a guy who's approaching 40 years old, too, the Jets gave up a hefty package to land the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

Yet, at this stage in his career, is Rodgers a bit overrated? Absolutely. Following two MVP campaigns, Rodgers threw just 26 touchdowns last season and also ended with the most interceptions he's thrown since 2008 (12). At times, he looked fairly off with some of his throws in 2022, too.

The Jets traded for Rodgers thinking he would help take them to the promised land, right? Well, they might have wanted to do their homework on how he fares in the playoffs, because it's not exactly other-worldly.

Rodgers is 12-10 in the palyoffs over his career, including a record of just 1-4 in conference championship games. If the Jets think he's going to be their savior come playoff time, they better get ready for disappointment.

Rodgers has yet to face the type of conference competition like he will with the Bills, Chiefs and Bengals. Going up against Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen or Joe Burrow in those types of games is going to be a different experience for Rodgers than what he's faced in recent playoff runs.

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