Buffalo Bills: 3 early trade candidates for 2023 season

Buffalo Bills, Greg Rousseau
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Gregory Rousseau could be a Buffalo Bills trade candidate in 2023

This is more of a wildcard scenario, but looking ahead it might just make sense. First off, the Bills are a team that wants to win right now. If that's true, then committing to the proven commodities might just be the better option.

The proven commodities, at the edge rusher position in Buffalo, are Von Miller and Leonard Floyd. Let's say the Bills get closer to the deadline and both Miller and Floyd are not only healthy, but playing extremely well. If the Bills are okay with the depth behind them, in guys like Shaq Lawson, Boogie Basham and company, at least for this season, then why not try floating Rousseau out there as a possible trade chip?

Look, the Bills probably won't be able to afford extending someone like Rousseau, who will want a decent chunk of money if he ascends in 2023. This roster is tied up with some serious contracts toward the top of their salary cap, and giving Rousseau a big deal, especially after extending Ed Oliver, might not be feasible.

For that reason, and in effort to land more draft capital, which would equate to rookie contracts, the Bills could look at moving Rousseau during his third season. Rousseau netted 8.0 sacks last year, in his second season, and after this season he could start thinking about an extension. Again, the Bills won't be able to afford a hefty extension; at least not as it stands, right now.

Let's say another team offers the Bills a second or third-round pick in exchange for Rousseau. Does Brandon Beane make it happen?

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