Buffalo Bills: 3 early trade candidates for 2023 season

Buffalo Bills, Greg Rousseau
Buffalo Bills, Greg Rousseau / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Gabe Davis could be a Buffalo Bills trade candidate in 2023

Talk about a double-edged sword type of situation, here. Gabe Davis is in the last year of his rookie contract, and he has done nothing to warrant a substantial extension thus far. Many times, though, players rise up when they are in a contract year.

That would be a positive for the Bills for 2023, no doubt. But, if Davis starts to break out, the Bills have to evaluate the situation as a whole. Do they have money to extend Davis next year if he explodes in 2023? Probably not.

Therefore, it might actually make sense to trade him and get something of value before they lose him via free agency and get nothing in return.

Last season, Davis ended with a career-best 48 receptions for 836 yards and seven touchdowns. That's a fine total, overall, but he's been more of a boom-or-bust player in a lot of games. If he shows some consistency this season, he could be a big time trade chip.

The other possibility is that the Bills still somehow land DeAndre Hopkins, although it's more of a pipe dream at the moment. If they did, then Davis could be even more of a trade asset.