Buffalo Bills draft picks in 2024, 2025 & Beyond: full list

Here's a look at what picks the Bills have this year and in the future.

2018 NFL Draft
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The Buffalo Bills once again had a "close, but no cigar" kind of year in 2023. At one point, the team was 6-6 but managed to win the AFC East and own the number two seed in the AFC playoffs. Unfortunately, the end of the season came, once again, at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Bills are in the hole when it comes to cap space, currently sitting $40 million under the cap. They'll be able to clear some of that space up but it's super important for Buffalo to make sure they get the most out of their draft picks this year since they won't have the flexibility to add key players in free agency.

Buffalo Bills Draft Picks in 2024





















The Bills own nine picks in this year's draft. They don't own their third-round pick due to trading it to the Green Bay Packers in exchange for Rasul Douglas in October of last season. That trade netted the Bills an additional fifth-round pick. They have additional sixth-round picks due to various draft trades with the Broncos, Cowboys, and Rams.

Have the Bills ever picked 28th overall before?

Here's the history of the 28th overall pick in Buffalo:

  • 1963 - Tom Woodeshick, RB (West Virginia)
  • 1964 - Paul Warfield, WR (Ohio State)
  • 1981 - Booker Moore, RB (Penn State)
  • 1993 - Thomas Smith, DB (North Carolina)
  • 2009 - Eric Wood, C (Louisville)

Woodeshick had a 10-year career in the NFL but never played a snap for the Bills. Warfield is a Hall of Famer having spent 13 years in the league but, like Woodeshick, never played for Buffalo. Moore played for the Bills for four years and had over 800 scrimmage yards along with two total touchdowns. Smith played in the NFL for nine years with seven of those coming in Buffalo. He played in 110 games for the Bills. Wood spent all nine years of his NFL career in Buffalo and made one Pro Bowl.

Recent history of 28th overall pick in NFL Draft

Here's a look at the last 10 players selected with the No. 28 pick:

  • 2014: Kelvin Benjamin, WR (Panthers)
  • 2015: Laken Tomlinson, G (Lions)
  • 2016: Joshua Garnett, G (49ers)
  • 2017: Taco Charlton, DE (Cowboys)
  • 2018: Terrell Edmunds, S (Steelers)
  • 2019: Jerry Tillery, DT (Chargers)
  • 2020: Patrick Queen, LB (Ravens)
  • 2021: Payton Turner, DE (Saints)
  • 2022: Devonte Wyatt, DT (Packers)
  • 2023: Myles Murphy, DE (Bengals)

The 28th pick has recently resulted in more misses than hits with the only decent players here being Tomlinson and Queen.

Buffalo Bills Draft Picks in 2025

  • Round 1
  • Round 2
  • Round 3
  • Round 4
  • Round 5
  • Round 6
  • Round 7

The Bills swapped sixth-rounders with the Giants in the Boogie Basham trade from last August.

Bills draft picks in 2026

  • Round 1
  • Round 2
  • Round 3
  • Round 4
  • Round 5
  • Round 6
  • Round 7

As of now, the Bills have all of their draft picks for 2026 but that is subject to change.