Buffalo Bills: Dalton Kincaid will be top player to watch against Raiders

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets / Michael Owens/GettyImages

When the Buffalo Bills traded up two spots in the NFL draft to snag tight end Dalton Kincaid, he was perceived as a weapon who Josh Allen could target on the plays that the Bills need to convert on third downs and overall become a safety valve in the offense.

In Week 1 against the New York Jets, Kincaid was tied as the third most targeted weapon for Allen, and ended up having the third most number of receptions (4 catches for 26 yards off of 4 targets). Kincaid also displayed some toughness by lowering his shoulder to try and pick up the first down on one of his receptions.

The Bills’ offense was a mess in the second half against the Jets and a majority of the reason as to why they were was because of Allen’s infamous hero ball tactics where he tried to do too much.

Dalton Kincaid could have a bigger role in Week 2 for the Buffalo Bills

Heading into this week against the Raiders, if the Bills are able to create a game plan to limit Allen from doing too much, look for Kincaid to be more involved in the offense as one of the go-to targets. We all know that wide receiver Stefon Diggs is going to get his targets as the number one wideout, but after that it is up for debate as to who could be the second option in the offense.

If Kincaid and Allen can build a connection against the Raiders and show that the Bills have someone outside Diggs that can make plays, that can open the playbook even more for this team.

This Raiders’ defense outside of defensive end Maxx Crosby is shaky and it could lead to the Bills offense to clean up and take advantage of potential given opportunities. Ken Dorsey will need to find a way to get Kincaid more involved in the offense and since the Raiders’ defense is nowhere near to the talent level of the Jets, this would be a perfect opportunity for Kincaid to show Bills fans why the Bills opted to draft a tight end in the first round this past year.