Dalton Kincaid explains the one thing Josh Allen isn't good at

The Bills tight end poked fun at his quarterback during Super Bowl LVIII's Radio Row.

Buffalo Bills, Dalton Kincaid
Buffalo Bills, Dalton Kincaid / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

It is rare, these days, that you see a rookie tight end take the league by storm. However, the Buffalo Bills were one of two teams this past season who could say they had a guy do just that.

Dalton Kincaid and Detroit Lions rookie Sam LaPorta put up monstrous seasons, as rookies, and each look to continue their rise in their respective conferences.

Speaking of Kincaid and LaPorta, the former sat down with a pair of our own, Sterling Holmes of the Stacking the Box podcast and Patrick Allen of Arrowhead Addict, during an interview at Super Bowl LVIII's Radio Row.

Kincaid started out by giving props to LaPorta, stating that the two of them were able to buck the trend of tight ends taking a couple years to develop.

"We got to see that mold get broken this year, with Sam LaPorta's success," Kincaid said of his fellow rookie tight end.

You can check out the full interview here.

A bit later, Kincaid was asked about his teammate and quarterback, Josh Allen. Specifically, Kincaid was asked if there was anything his quarterback is not good at.

Dalton Kincaid threw Josh Allen's board game skills under the bus.

"Catan," Kincaid said. "Fantastic game. I have yet to play him, but I can say that confidently.

"He's good at everything he does ... until we play each other in Catan, I can say he's not very good at that,"

For those who aren't big on board games, Catan is a multiplayer board game where players build and develop settlements, ultimately racing to a point total of 10.

Fortunately for Allen, his on-field duties are far from related to the game of Catan.

Kincaid was also asked, in the interview, about Travis Kelce, who will be suiting up in Sunday's big game, and what makes him so great.

"He's stealth-like for what he does," Kincaid said of Kelce.

The Bills tight end went on to say exactly what everyone else says of the Chiefs star. He gets open. Somehow, some way, he gets open and defenses lose track of him. You could tell Kincaid had a high level of respect for the future Hall of Famer.

As for the big game, itself? Kincaid picked the Chiefs.

I know, Bills Mafia, that one hurts.

Dalton Kincaid made an appearance with FanSided on behalf of P&G Battle of the Paddles.