Buffalo Bills clinch playoff spot with Jaguars loss in Week 18

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

The Buffalo Bills have yet to play their final regular season game but the Bills know that they will have at least one more game after today. The Bills essentially controlled their own destiny and with a win over the Dolphins, they would have been in.

However, they have gotten some help from the Tennessee Titans after they beat the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday afternoon and the Bills are now playoff bound for the fifth straight year.

The Buffalo Bills found themselves on the outside looking in and were well outside the playoffs after Week 12. At that point in the season, the Bills were 6-6 after losing four of their prior six games.

However, this has been a different team after the bye week as they had back to back wins over the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys. They would stack two more wins on top of that with victories over the Los Angeles Chargers and New England Patriots to get to 10-6 heading into Week 18.

Buffalo Bills still have chance to win AFC East Sunday night against the Dolphins

While the Buffalo Bills know they are in the playoffs, they still have plenty left to play for on Sunday night against the Miami Dolphins. With their win over the Dolphins back in Week 4, they hold the tie breaker over Miami.

If they were to win on Sunday night, then they would lock up their fourth straight AFC East division title. It would give them the two seed in the AFC playoffs, at least one home game and also ensure they don't play the Baltimore Ravens until the AFC Championship Game.

If the Bills come up short, they would be the seventh seed and have to return to Miami to play the Dolphins in the AFC Wild Card Round. It would also mean the Bills would not have a home game in the entire playoffs this year.

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