Buffalo Bills climb AFC power rankings again, getting back into the top 5

Buffalo Bills
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4. Miami Dolphins (11 - 4)

I know, how did the Dolphins fall back in the rankings after they just beat the Dallas Cowboys by a score of 22 - 20? The biggest reason for it was I simply couldn't keep them ahead of the Bills any longer. Buffalo dominated the Cowboys and the Dolphins, plus this was the first win against a team with a winning record, whereas the Bills have beaten the four teams above .500, including the Dolphins and Chiefs. I simply couldn't rank the Bills lower any longer.

3. Buffalo Bills (9 - 6)

What a few wins can do for you. The Bills were sitting at 6 - 6 and in the 11th seed in the AFC just three weeks ago. Now, after consecutive wins against the Chiefs, Cowboys, and Chargers, they are 9 - 6 and occupy the sixth seed. The next two weeks are huge for the Bills for not only a playoff spot but also the AFC East crown and possibly the two seed heading into the AFC playoffs in a couple of weeks.

2. Cleveland Browns (10 - 5)

What Joe Flacco is doing right now is crazy and a cool story; however, I don't think he will keep it up but until he falters, this Browns team is playing as well as anyone in the league and they have the defense to go up against any offense in the league. If Flacco continues to play at this level, the Browns could be a very difficult out in the AFC playoffs. Can you imagine a Flacco-led Browns representing the AFC in the Super Bowl? I can't.

1. Baltimore Ravens (12 - 3)

The Ravens are on a roll right now and look to be the best team in the NFL after taking down the 49ers in dominant fashion 33 - 19. They get ready to take on the Miami Dolphins this weekend in a game that will likely decide the number one seed and home field throughout the playoffs. It's also a big game for division titles. Neither team has locked up their respective division but a win in this game will accomplish just that for the winner.

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