Buffalo Bills climb AFC power rankings again, getting back into the top 5

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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7. Cincinnati Bengals (8 - 7)

The Bengals survived without Joe Burrow while Jake Browning took over at quarterback but couldn't survive without Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase. The Steelers dominated them, led by Mason Rudolph, 34 - 11. It's not yet known if Chase will be able to go this weekend, but if the Bengals hope to stay alive in the AFC playoff race, they better hope he can play against the Chiefs, or it could be another long Sunday afternoon.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers (8 - 7)

So here we are with the Steelers, making probably the biggest jump of any team. The Steelers had a great performance against the Bengals but their jump in these rankings was more about all the teams that lost, who were previously ahead of them. Can the Steelers hold this spot? Who knows, they have to travel to Seattle and face a Seahawks team that is also fighting for a playoff spot in the NFC.

5. Kansas City Chiefs (9 - 6)

I don't think anyone expected the Chiefs to be sitting here at 9 - 6 heading into week 17, but here they are. The offense is simply a shell of its former self; however, the defense is still formidable and one of the best in the league. After dropping to the Raiders, 20 - 14, they find themselves in a little bit of a battle to try to keep the Raiders behind them for the division title. While seems unlikely the Chiefs drop their last two and lose the division to the Raiders, they have dropped five of their last eight, so at this point, it wouldn't shock me.