Buffalo Bills climb AFC power rankings again, getting back into the top 5

Buffalo Bills
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10. Indianapolis Colts (8 - 7)

What is up with the Colts? One week they look great and like a playoff team, but the next week they lose to the Atlanta Falcons by a score of 29 - 10. The Colts might find their way into the playoffs but even if they do, I don't think they make it very far, but then again, maybe we'll get the playoff version of the Colts. In the AFC this year, not many teams appear to be unbeatable, so who knows at this point? It's been a crazy and unpredictable season so far.

9. Houston Texans (8 - 7)

It's unfortunate for the Texans that C.J. Stroud has missed the last two games. Whether you are a Texans fan or not, it's been fun watching this rookie do what he's been doing this season. If he doesn't win rookie of the year, it'll be a shame. Other rookies are playing very well but to play quarterback at the NFL level and play it at a high level as a rookie is far more impressive than anything else.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars (8 - 7)

I'm not sure there is a more disappointing team this season than the Jaguars. Many, myself included believed this team would be one of the better teams in the league. They looked that way for a while but now look like a team struggling to just hold on. Now questions are beginning to arise about Trevor Lawrence and his status as the number one draft pick. Is he a bust based on the lofty expectations? You could certainly do worse, but he hasn't lived up to the hype.