Buffalo Bills climb AFC power rankings again, getting back into the top 5

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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13. Tennessee Titans (5 - 10)

Will Levis is fun to watch and has been good enough as a rookie to keep the Titans somewhat competitive in most games, even pulling off an upset here and there (insert Dolphins here). The Titans have other questions this offseason they'll need to answer but at least it appears they have their quarterback for the future. Now, what will they do with Derrick Henry after the season concludes?

12. Denver Broncos (7 - 8)

It appears the Broncos have come back down to earth since winning five straight and making people think they might actually be good. Sure, they won some big games during that five-game stretch but here we are now with them losing to the Patriots having dropped three of their last four and looking more like the team from early in the season.

11. Las. Vegas Raiders (7 - 8)

The Raiders are still alive in the division race for the AFC West title, after defeating the Chiefs 20 - 14. Their defense was phenomenal against the Chiefs, producing two defensive touchdowns and holding Kansas City to just 14 points. The Raiders didn't complete a single pass after the first quarter and had to take the field without Josh Jacobs. That's a huge testament to how impressive Las Vegas' defense was in this game.