Buffalo Bills climb AFC power rankings again, getting back into the top 5

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages
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16. Los Angeles Chargers (5 - 10)

The Chargers played a scrappy game against the Bills and put up a better fight than most expected, but they are only a couple of weeks removed from giving up 63 points to the Raiders. A Raiders team that didn't complete a pass after the first quarter. The Chargers are still in disarray, without Herbert and no head coach, and multiple other injuries.

15. New England Patriots (4 - 11)

The Patriots' win over the Broncos was a little surprising but then again, I think the Broncos were being overrated after their five-game win streak. The Patriots have nothing to play for at this point but could have a lot to say about the AFC East. They face the Bills this weekend, who will be looking to continue their pursuit of the division title, but you never know what you'll get in divisional battles.

14. New York Jets (6 - 9)

The Jets picked up their sixth win of the year against a Washington Commanders team that is in the middle of a rebuild and likely losing their head coach at season's end. Despite that, the Commanders gave the Jets a run but managed to put up 30 points on the scoreboard, but the Jets are still the Jets and at the end of the day, aren't a good football team.