Buffalo Bills climb in latest AFC power rankings after bye week

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4. Jacksonville Jaguars (8 - 4)

Jacksonville had an opportunity to put a little more of a hold on the division title but a loss to the Bengals brought the Texans only a game away from the AFC South lead. The Colts might have something to say as well but the Jaguars hold the best division record among the three, with a 4 - 1 record against their division rivals. However, with Trevor Lawrence's injury, who knows what the Jaguars will look like down the stretch?

3. Kansas City Chiefs (8 - 4)

As I mentioned in the opening, the Chiefs have lost three of their last five games and are looking very vulnerable this season. The AFC is going to be tough this year and it would be an impressive accomplishment if the Chiefs survived the playoffs and made it to another Super Bowl. Their offense has been anything but explosive, but their defense is championship-caliber.

2. Miami Dolphins (9 - 3)

Everyone outside of the Dolphins organization and their fans bring up the fact the Dolphins haven't beaten a team with a non-losing record. This includes me but at the end of the day, the Dolphins are winning the games they are supposed to, and that's more than we can say for some of the other teams. Are they the best team in the conference? I don't think so, but they have upcoming games against the Cowboys, Ravens, and Bills, so they will have some opportunities to put that narrative to bed.

1. Baltimore Ravens (9 - 3)

The Ravens enjoyed a bye week, which is good considering they lost their star tight end Mark Andrews. Isaiah Likely has done well at times in relief of Andrews but now he'll have to be the guy the rest of the way. Can the Ravens' other weapons, Zay Flowers and Odel Beckman Jr pick up the slack? They've had their moments throughout the season and this Ravens team is looking like they could be the team to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

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