Buffalo Bills climb in latest AFC power rankings after bye week

Buffalo Bills
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7. Indianapolis Colts (7 - 5)

The Colts have been without their starting quarterback and running back throughout most of this season yet continue to find ways to win. At one point the Colts were 3 - 5 and many felt they finally returned to normal; however, after four straight wins, this team is talking playoffs and could be a player down the stretch. Maybe this is the new normal for the Colts.

6. Cleveland Browns (7 - 5)

The Browns have now turned to 38-year-old Joe Flacco for likely the remainder of the season. He played well in their loss to the Los Angeles Rams, but will he continue to play at a high level, or will the Browns fizzle away down the stretch? Their defense remains the best in the league, so they should be in every game.

5. Houston Texans (7 - 5)

If you had asked me at the beginning of the season where the Texans would be in any power ranking, I would have said probably middle of the pack. However, Houston is in prime position to earn a playoff spot. Unfortunately, they lost their dynamic rookie receiver Tank Dell but expect Robert Woods and possibly John Metchie III to play a bigger role in the Texans' passing game.