Can the Buffalo Bills upset the Chiefs? 5 keys to victory revealed

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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3.) Keep Mahomes in the pocket

If there is one thing in common that Mahomes and Allen have in common, it is that they can both extend plays with their legs outside of the pocket. With Mahomes, he is not as athletic as Allen but can make a defender miss and pick up a first down in a critical third down.

There is no doubt that Mahomes does not need to scramble to the outside to make a play for the offense, but if is able to slip away off the edge and have an extra three seconds, it becomes dangerous for a defense that he is facing. 

The edge rushers in Leonard Floyd, A.J. Epenesa and Greg Rousseau will need to contain the outside to make Mahomes step up in the pocket rather than scramble to the outside and get the advantage against the defense. Interior pressure is a weakness for most quarterbacks in the NFL and Mahomes can be pressured just as easy as any other quarterback.