Buffalo Bills ‘Blame-O-Meter’: Who’s at Fault for the Team’s Struggles?

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions
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3. Ken Dorsey (7/10)

Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey feels like the easy scapegoat. He's the shortest-tenured important piece, if you will, and the Bills offense is failing to score points at a consistent pace.

But if there is an excuse for Dorsey, it's that he's a mostly inexperienced offensive play caller.

The knock on Dorsey is that he's rather uncreative and he's struggled to get certain components of the Bills offense involved, like running back James Cook and the Bills rushing attack. He's also called fewer rushing plays that involve Josh Allen than we've seen in the past, but that's probably more of an organizational decision that stems from Allen dealing with a shoulder injury.

If you break down the film, Dorsey hasn't been perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Look no further than calling run plays from the shotgun while inside the opponent's five-yard line. But there have been numerous occasions where he's schemed players open and Bills quarterback Josh Allen has neglected to take what's being handed to him.

Dorsey is part of the problem, but given he's in the early days of being an NFL coordinator, he should be hearing less scrutiny than other long-tenured Bills on this list. Especially when you consider that certain components of the Bills offense, like its rushing attack, were already terrible before Dorsey took over as offensive coordinator.