Buffalo Bills get back to winning and rise in latest AFC power poll

Buffalo Bills
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4. Miami Dolphins (6 - 2)

It's kind of hard to list the Dolphins in the top four but with six wins, they have to be given some credit for winning the games they are supposed to win. The fact they can't seem to win or even be competitive against the elite of the league, makes me question if they belong here but they will get a chance in Germany this weekend to put those thoughts to rest, when they take on the Kansas City Chiefs.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (6 - 2)

What happened to the Kansas City Chiefs this past weekend? Seriously, the Denver Broncos? Did you really just lose to the Denver Broncos? I can't say much though, after all the Bills lost to the New England Patriots. That's in the past though and they will have to put it behind them. They are traveling to Germany to face the Miami Dolphins.

2. Baltimore Ravens (6 - 2)

The Baltimore Ravens look pretty good and have been one of the more consistent teams in the AFC and could very well find themselves in the AFC Championship game. However, the Cincinnati Bengals are getting hot and could dethrone the Ravens. Baltimore took the first matchup, but we'll have to wait a few weeks before they meet up again in Week 11.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars (6 - 2)

The Jaguars have turned things around in a hurry this season. After starting the season 1 - 2, they've rolled through opponents week after week and now sit atop my AFC power rankings. Their division isn't very challenging either and I don't see any of the teams challenging them for the division title. The Jaguars will be in the race for the number one seed in the AFC come playoff time.

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