Buffalo Bills get back to winning and rise in latest AFC power poll

Buffalo Bills
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13. New England Patriots (2 - 6)

How the Patriots managed to beat the Buffalo Bills still baffles me, but I guess I need to move on from that, as it's clear the Patriots have moved on. Who knows what will happen with the Patriots at the quarterback position but for now and the foreseeable future, it's Mac Jones and full speed ahead. On top of that, there is a conversation that Josh Mcdaniels' second failed attempt as a head coach is only further proof that Tom Brady made the Patriots, including Belichick, what they once were.

12. Los Angeles Chargers (3 - 4)

And the Chargers won but don't be shocked if they lose next week when they take on the New York Jets on Monday night. I'm not saying the Jets are necessarily a better team, but the Chargers always seem to struggle to find any consistency. I haven't made it any secret that I believe the root of the issues in Los Angeles lies with head coach Brandon Staley but with so much talent on this team, he should be more successful. Will that start to come to fruition sooner, than later?

11. Indianapolis Colts (3 - 5)

The Colts have sure fallen from grace. They were once one of the surprise teams but now are looking more like the team we expected. Still, they have a solid run game and an upper-tier receiver in Michael Pittman, and you could do worse than Gardener Minshew for a quarterback. Will they get back to the win column any time soon?