Buffalo Bills get back to winning and rise in latest AFC power poll

Buffalo Bills
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16. Las Vegas Raiders (3 - 5)

Have the Raiders officially hit rock bottom? Not only did one of the best wide receivers in the NFL have only one catch in their last game but their starting quarterback is getting benched. Oh and the team has fired their head coach, McDaniel, their general manager and the offensive coordinator. I think it's official now, the Raiders are in complete rebuild mode, but I'm a little surprised they didn't deal Adams or Jacobs, but no one ever accused owner Mark Davis of knowing what he's doing either.

15. Tennesse Titans (3 - 4)

Wow, did you see rookie Will Levis' NFL debut? I don't think anyone saw that coming but is there more of the same on the horizon? It's doubtful, but he might be a better option for the Titans at this point than Ryan Tannehill. Levis seems to have quickly established chemistry with DeAndre Hopkins and that's never a bad thing. For now, the Titans are still towards the bottom of the rankings but we'll see what Levis does for an encore.

14. Denver Broncos (3 - 5)

The Denver Broncos pulled off an upset of massive proportions. I know Patrick Mahomes was battling the flu but the whole team did not play well. With how bad the Broncos have been this season, I'm a bit surprised they've managed to win three games this year. Maybe Russell Wilson and Sean Payton are doing a little better job than I initially thought. But a win against the likes of the Chiefs will make anyone question their former beliefs.