Buffalo Bills: 7 players who need to step up in Week 14 against Chiefs

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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Josh Allen

Now we can address the MVP of this team, which is the league leader in total touchdowns. Fans can talk about turnovers all they want, Allen will win you games. He put on another legendary performance that was one play away from being a win.

Since the firing of Dorsey, Josh Allen and the offense have put on an offensive clinic, recording over 60 points and over 900 total yards in the last two games, to which Allen accounted for over 700 of those yards and scored all seven touchdowns. As the Bills reach December, Allen plays his best football, recording 34 touchdowns to 10 turnovers since 2020.

Allen is back to his Superman ways but with the help of an effective running game that will help the offense down a five-game stretch. The last time the Bills would face the Chiefs, the Bills won 24-20, with Allen having an almost flawless game recording 361 total yards and three touchdowns with no turnovers. 

Even with the Chiefs having a top defense in the league, they still have lots of flaws, and we should expect Allen and Joe Brady to attack those weaknesses in the defense, starting with establishing the run, as the Chiefs run defense is on the weaker side of the defense's strengths.

Ever since Sean McDermott took over as head coach, the Bills are 6-0 after the bye week. The Chiefs just lost their game against the Packers, so the Chiefs will be playing hard to stay at the top of their division, while the Bills will be fighting for a chance to sneak into a playoff spot as they sit at 6-6. Putting together a playoff run would be ideal if the Bills could sit at 7-6 rather than 6-7 after this week, especially when playing the Dallas Cowboys afterward.

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