Buffalo Bills: 7 players who need to step up in Week 14 against Chiefs

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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James Cook/Latavius Murray

The Chiefs' run defense is something they've struggled with on the defensive end, as they're around the middle tier in rushing yards allowed. Joe Brady is known for wanting to establish the run game, so that means James Cook and Latavius Murray should make every snap count.

Both running backs should also take advantage of the holes in the Chiefs' defense, as both Chiefs' starting linebackers Drue Tranauille and Nick Bolton are questionable to return for week 14. The Bills should give the Chiefs a one-two punch with the speed of Cook and the power of Murray, along with an eventual all-around back in Ty Johnson, making the defense question what the Bills will do with those backs. Even if one or both linebackers return, it's crucial to keeping the offense two-dimensional.

Micah Hyde/Jordan Poyer

Both Hyde and Poyer have a difficult task this game, guarding Travis Kelce. Both safeties have been in this league for a long time and can cover just about anybody, but both have also lost a step in terms of athletic ability. However, they're both still very talented football players and still can make big plays when it matters.

Guarding Kelce is no easy task, as they've had to do it many times before. These safeties aren't going to be guarding him on every down, but when they do, it will probably be in crucial man coverage situations. Both safeties have to step up and guard Mahomes' favorite target when it matters most. Although it's practically impossible to take Kelce out of the game, limiting his production will help slow down the Chiefs' offense.

Both players are also one of those players who can make a game-changing play in any given minute within a football game. When playing against a quarterback like Mahomes, having those types of players who are willing to make a game-changing play is very important, and both are still capable of doing that.