Buffalo Bills: 7 players who need to step up in Week 14 against Chiefs

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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The Buffalo Bills recently put up an impressive performance against the then 9-1 Eagles, where the Bills were able to drop 34 total points and record over 500 offensive yards. The Bills would still lose that game despite statistically outplaying the Eagles in almost every statistical category, bringing the Bills record to 6-6.

Now the Bills will be coming out of their bye week in a position where they need to win at least four of their next five games if they want a good chance to sneak into the postseason. The first game on their schedule is an old conference rival, the Kansas City Chiefs. 

This game is no easy task, as it's going to be in Arrowhead and the team is performing very well on defense this year. The defense is ranked sixth in the NFL in passing yards allowed, ninth in completion percentage, and sixth in total sacks. 

Meanwhile, their offense is still scoring points but doesn't look as dangerous as it used to, as the defense has done most of the heavy lifting. Patrick Mahomes is having a good year, but nothing as eye-opening as it usually is.

Although going into Week 14, the Chiefs are going to be looking for blood, as they are sitting at 8-4 after losing a game to the Greenbay Packers on Sunday night. The Chiefs have a lot of weak spots but they are going to fight very hard in this matchup on Sunday, and there needs to be some Bills players that step up in these big moments.