Buffalo Bills: 53-man roster projections after new QB rule

Matt Barkley, Buffalo Bills
Matt Barkley, Buffalo Bills / Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports
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Defensive Tackles (5)

Ed Oliver, DaQuan Jones, Poona Ford, Tim Settle, Jordan Phillips

Similar to defensive end, the Buffalo Bills are going to want depth here and I believe they will keep five defensive tackles on their initial 53-man roster. The Bills had four defensive tackles last year with Poona Ford, who signed a one-year deal this month, being the new addition to this group.

The reason that the Bills probably expand this position group this season is that the Bills were dealing with a number of injuries last year that really impacted the depth. In fact, all four defensive tackles from last year's team missed at least one game with DaQuan Jones missing a playoff game and the other three missing games during the regular season.

The Buffalo Bills like to rotate at the position and depth is key so having five defensive tackles on the roster makes sense for this upcoming season.