Buffalo Bills: 53-man roster projection after second preseason game

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Offensive players making the Buffalo Bills' 53-man roster (25)

Quarterback (2)

Josh Allen, Kyle Allen

Josh Allen is a given but what about the backup quarterback position? Fans have been throwing shade all over Kyle Allen and even more so after his preseason Week One performance, which wasn't as bad as some believed but next to the impressive numbers that Matt Barkley put up, it looked much worse than it was.

After Barkley's Week Two game, he may not make it back to Buffalo before getting cut. Three interceptions and a fumble, all but seals his fate as far as I'm concerned. Besides, you have to be honest with yourself, Barkley does not have the physical talents that Kyle has, which more closely resembles what Josh Allen brings. That means the offense doesn't necessarily have to change much with Kyle in there, plus give the kid time to learn the playbook and he'll be just fine.

Running back (4)

James Cook, Damien Harris, Latavius Murray, Reggie Gilliam

I don't see anything changing with this group. There is no one behind the big three that will challenge them for a roster spot, so those three are a lock. Gilliam makes the team as a versatile piece that can play fullback or tight end.

The Buffalo Bills will run far more 12 personnel than we've seen in years past, which means they will need more tight ends than in years past but that is what Gilliam does for the team. His versatility gives them the option to remain in 12 personnel, should one of the top three go down.

Wide Receiver (6)

Stefon Diggs, Gabe Davis, Khalil Shakir, Trent Sherfield, Justin Shorter, Deonte Harty

I know everyone is hyped for what Andy Isabella has done thus far, plus his blazing 4.3 speed but this happens nearly every year. There is one player that wows the fans and the media talks about but yet they don't make the 53-man roster.

Sorry, but I think this is the case with Isabella. The Bills brought in Sherfield and Harty for a reason and Shakir has shown promise as well. I think Isabella could be a practice squad candidate, but he will not be on the 53-man roster come August 29.

Tight End (3)

Dawson Knox, Dalton Kincaid, Quintin Morris

This shouldn't surprise anyone but what might have surprised some is just how much the coaching staff is fast-tracking Kincaid and this week, we finally saw him make some plays in the game. For Knox, it's been said he had his best training camp of his career so far and these two are going to be a problem for opposing defenses.

The Bills will run a lot more 12-personnel this season and as a result, will carry three tight ends with Reggie Gilliam doubling as the fourth.

Offensive Line (10)

Dion Dawkins, Spencer Brown, Connor McGovern, O'Cyrus Torrence, Mitch Morse, Ryan Van Demark, David Quessenbarry, David Edwards, Ike Boettger, Ryan Bates

This group has changed with the retirement of Brandon Shell and now the injury to Tommy Doyle. As a result, it opens up a couple of spots for Van Demark and Ike Boettger. The team is comfortable with Boettger in a backup role for guard, as he's been on the team for a while.

With Torrence starting in the Week Two preseason game, I think that signifies who the starting right guard will be, which is ideal. This frees up Bates to focus his practice time as the backup center. With Morse's concussion history, the team needs a dedicated backup center and Bates can fill that role.