Buffalo Bills: 5 teams that could target Gabe Davis in 2024 free agency

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Chargers
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1.) New England Patriots

The Bill Belichick era is over in New England and it is time for the Patriots to get going under new head coach, Jerod Mayo. He was almost immediately sworn in as the next coach for the Patriots after Belichick and Robert Kraft agreed to part ways. The Patriots have a lot that needs to be fixed.

They need almost all new weapons on the outside, a quarterback controversy where they do not know who will be their starter, and pending free agent offensive linemen. Not to mention, the Patriots are projected to have just under $80 million in cap space going into the free agency period.

Davis would step in immediately as the number one receiver in New England and could even get a bigger payday than some fans might expect. In addition, the Patriots may want to weaken the Bills by taking one of their own and forcing them to play him twice a year for the foreseeable future.

Depending on what Davis values during this free agency period, keep an eye out for New England to get in contact with Davis about potentially being part of a rebuild for a bigger compensation.