Buffalo Bills: 5 storylines to watch in Week 1 against the New York Jets

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
New York Jets v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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Last year, the Buffalo Bills were the first team to kickoff the 2022 season as they would play the Los Angeles Rams in the first game of the season. However, this season they, along with the New York Jets, will have to wait the longest as they will be the last teams to start their 2023 season.

The two teams are set to begin their season on Monday night in the final game of the opening weekend. While it is the first week of the season, the outcome of this game could have ramifications that impact the entire season in what is expected to be a competitive AFC East division race.

These are some of the top storylines for the Buffalo Bills' Week 1 matchup with the New York Jets.

Buffalo Bills: 5 storylines to watch in Week 1 against the New York Jets

Buffalo Bills success in season opener

Over the past four seasons, the Buffalo Bills have been able to get off to a fast start for the most part as they have won three of their last four season openers. Two of those three wins were also against the New York Jets as they beat the Jets 17-16 to start the 2019 season and 27-17 in 2020.

This is not the same old New York Jets as this team made a number of notable moves this offseason and being on the road doesn't make it any easier for the Buffalo Bills. However, they have recently played good football right from the start and hopefully that trend continues on Monday night.