Buffalo Bills: 5 players who could be traded before roster cutdowns

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Kaiir Elam

The final player is one that I am not exactly sure what the plan is but I feel like there are discussions within the front office with what to do with Kaiir Elam. He was a first round pick by the Buffalo Bills after the team traded up in the round to select him.

As a rookie, his performance was up and down but that is always expected for younger players but the hope is that they will show improvement moving forward. Unfortunately, Kaiir Elam has not done that this summer and he has seemingly regressed.

At this point, Kaiir Elam is probably fourth on the depth chart among outside cornerbacks behind Tre'Davious White, Christian Benford, and Dane Jackson. The reason this becomes a challenge is after those three, the Bills have Taron Johnson and Siran Neal as almost guaranteed to make the 53-man roster.

That would be six cornerbacks, with Elam, and the coaching staff would probably like to find a way to get Cam Lewis on the 53-man roster with his versatility as backup nickel and safety. The way they could do that would be to move Elam if they believe he won't improve or be a good fit in this defense.

If the Bills elect to move Kaiir Elam, it becomes a challenge to determine what compensation would make it worthwhile to make the trade. The Bills probably won't be able to get more than a fourth round pick but might be a fifth or sixth round pick with conditions on it depending on play. Is that enough to make a trade and create a spot for Lewis?

I am not sure the Bills are ready to move on from Elam but it is probably a discussion the team is having.

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