Buffalo Bills: 5 players who stood out during 2023 training camp

Buffalo Bills Training Camp
Buffalo Bills Training Camp / Joshua Bessex/GettyImages
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1.) Dalton Kincaid

Wrapping up this list with the Bills’ first-round draft pick this year, Dalton Kincaid has impressed early on and there are high hopes with him going into this season. Kincaid has been highlighted as a great character guy, along with his route running skills and ability to catch any pass that comes near him.

There was a play posted by the Buffalo Bills’ social media team where Kincaid caught a low pass with one hand, which basically sums up how Kincaid has performed in this training camp. Even Josh Allen has commented on Kincaid, per Ajay Cybulski, in which Allen talked about how no moment has been too big for the young tight end.

He and Dawson Knox will be able to serve as great weapons for Allen in the middle of the field, but Kincaid may also have the opportunity to play in the slot as a receiver. The Bills offense should be able to have the playbook open up more because of Kincaid’s presence and an opposing defense will have to gameplan for a potential two-tight end set, along with preparing for a Josh Allen-to-Stefon Diggs combo.