Buffalo Bills: 5 players who stood out during 2023 training camp

Buffalo Bills Training Camp
Buffalo Bills Training Camp / Joshua Bessex/GettyImages
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3.) Ed Oliver

Now being solidified as the Bills’ number one defensive tackle, there are expectations of Oliver going into this season. If his training camp is a preview of what his season will look like, then this Bills defense will be dominant upfront with Oliver’s presence.

Having shown his speed off the ball during training camp, he is able to get the first quick step on the offensive lineman and win the battles. Not only that, but Oliver has also been able to show a bull rush against blockers, according to Ajay Cybulski.

Being the only big guy in the trenches that is guaranteed to be in Buffalo beyond this season, the Bills are looking to see more consistency with Oliver. Up to this point in his career, Oliver has demonstrated that he can be a force, but that he also needs to improve his game.

With Sean McDermott set to take over the defensive play calling, there is reason to believe that this defense will be more aggressive which should benefit Oliver on how he plays.