Buffalo Bills: 5 players who shined in 32-6 victory vs. New York Jets

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
New York Jets v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages
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1.) Josh Allen

It is the same narrative going into every game. The Bills go as far as Josh Allen takes them. This week, he took the offense far and benefited from the change from Ken Dorsey to Joe Brady. The only “mistake” that Allen truly made was the hail mary interception at the end of the first half. Aside from that, Allen looked like the player he was in the beginning of the season. The offense was easier to operate for Allen, and the guys around him helped out in the process.

Allen would finish the game 20/32 for 275 yards and 3 touchdowns, along with that hail mary interception (which now bumps up his interception streak to seven consecutive games). However, this was the kind of game that Allen needed. There was a hard reset button that was hit this week and it helped Allen’s confidence against a defense that usually gets to him. He looked comfortable and confident on each play, and he did not overthink anything. This is the Josh Allen that Bills fans have been waiting for.