Buffalo Bills: 5 players on offense to watch in Week 7 against Patriots

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
New York Giants v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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James Cook

Last week against the New York Giants, James Cook bounced back after a disappointing game against the Jaguars. He would get 14 carries and average over five yards a carry to finish with 71 rushing yards.

He has done a good job for most of the season, outside of Week 5, this season as the team's leading rusher but over the past few weeks there has been an interesting trend. Cook hasn't been as involved in the passing game and in two of the past three weeks he has one or fewer targets which is notable as he has averaged 3.6 targets per game in the other games.

This season, the Patriots defense is tied for seventh for most receptions allowed to running backs with opposing running backs averaging 5.3 receptions per game. James Cook is an excellent receiver out of the backfield and this would be a great week to get him back involved in the offense's passing game.