Buffalo Bills: 5 players on offense to watch in Week 7 against Patriots

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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Gabe Davis

One thing the Buffalo Bills are going to need to get back on track is to have another option step up for Josh Allen when he throws the ball. Last week, the Bills were without Dalton Kincaid but the rookie should be back this week which should help.

However, the pressure is really on fourth-year wide receiver Gabe Davis. He is in his second season as a starter and while there have been some improvements, like a career high 70% catch rate, he is not getting enough targets.

In four of the six games this season, he has had four or fewer targets. When considering the Bills are averaging 34 pass attempts per game, this is very low for a starting wide receiver.

The reason for the low target share is a bit unknown at this point and it could be on Josh Allen, who might be too focused on Stefon Diggs, but it might also be due to Davis not able to generate separation to give Allen a window to throw the ball. Either way, he has to be more involved this week to give some balance to the passing game and take pressure off Diggs.