Buffalo Bills: 5 notable stats for Week 7 going into New England

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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5.) Bills are 6-1 vs. Patriots since 2020

The Bills have faced off against the Patriots 7 total times (including one playoff game), and the Bills have dominated New England in those wins. In 2020, the Bills swept the Patriots by a combined score of 62-20 when Cam Newton was the starting quarterback in New England.

In 2021, the Bills and the Patriots split the regular season series, but it was Buffalo who completely dominated New England in the Wild Card round of the playoffs 47-17 that made the AFC East run through Buffalo from there on out. The Bills would score on every single offensive drive, aside from their kneeldowns to end the half and the game.

Last season, the Bills would sweep New England again by a combined score of 59-33. Long story short, the Bills have overtaken the Patriots after two decades of being owned by them. This is the first October matchup between the two teams since 2019. Usually these teams have played in November and on.

4.) Bills have scored 24+ points in Gillette Stadium since 2020

In the last three games that the Bills have played in Gillette, they have put up a combined 95 points. In each of those games, the Bills have scored at least 24 points against Bill Belichick’s defense. Of those three games, the closest one between the two teams was on December 26th, 2021 when the Bills managed to beat the Bills 33-21. Aside from that, the Bills beat the Patriots in New England 38-9 in 2020, and then 24-10 in December of 2022.

Usually road teams have a challenge because of the home field advantage that their opponents have, but that has not been the case yet for the Bills since 2020.