Buffalo Bills: 5 notable stats for Week 7 going into New England

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Before the Tom Brady era was no longer a thing in New England, it seemed like the Patriots would have two guaranteed wins each season against the Buffalo Bills. When the Patriots were commanded by Brady on the offense, the Bills only beat New England 3 times and lost 32 times.

In Josh Allen's second year with the Bills, Buffalo competed with New England for a longshot chance at taking the division in 2019, the week after the Bills clinched a playoff birth in December. Utimately, the Bills lost to the Patriots and finished second, two games behind the Patriots.

Since that game, the rivalry between Buffalo and New England has shifted from what it was in the previous two decades. Buffalo has trended up and built themselves up as a playoff contender, as well are within a Super Bowl window. On the other hand, the Patriots have struggled post-Brady and are currently a bottom five team in the NFL.

Heading into Week 7, the Bills will travel to New England are currently a -8.5 favorite against the Patriots.

Here are five pregame stats for the Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots going into this week.