Buffalo Bills: 5 most underrated moves in 2023 offseason

Taylor Rapp, Buffalo Bills
Taylor Rapp, Buffalo Bills / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Buffalo Bills sign Brandon Shell

The final underrated move by the Buffalo Bills this offseason was in fact a recent move they have made by signing free agent offensive tackle Brandon Shell. This move would be similar to Taylor Rapp in that if he never plays a snap this was still a good move to make.

The Bills this offseason have some questions at right tackle and while the hope is that Spencer Brown takes some major steps forward compared to last season, it is far from being a guarantee. The coaching staff should give him every opportunity to prove he can be the starter but if he struggles, they didn't have great options on the roster behind him.

The most likely candidate would have been David Quessenberry but Brandon Shell has had 72 career starts compared to only 25 from Quesseberry. At a minimum, it gives the Buffalo Bills a veteran who could back up Brown during the season and at best they have a starter that can compete with Spencer Brown during training camp.