Buffalo Bills: 5 most underrated moves in 2023 offseason

Taylor Rapp, Buffalo Bills
Taylor Rapp, Buffalo Bills / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Buffalo Bills re-sign Sam Martin

For the first time since Corey Bojorquez in the 2020 season, the Buffalo Bills are going to have the same punter in consecutive years after re-signing Sam Martin. The fact that the Bills have brought back Sam Martin isn't necessarily important in terms of his punting considering the Bills have ranked near the bottom of the league in number of punts in a season.

The reason that this is an underrated move is that it gives Tyler Bass the same holder on field goals in consecutive years for the first time in his career. In the past few offseasons, Bass has had to work with a new holder and build that relationship and understanding of how he prefers the ball to be held on field goal attempts.

It certainly hasn't impacted his performance to this point as Bass has been almost automatic to start his career with the Buffalo Bills. However, instead of starting from scratch with a new holder, this gives Bass and Martin a chance to continue to refine some of those smaller details that should help him maintain the level of performance, if not get better entering 2023.