Buffalo Bills: 5 most underrated moves in 2023 offseason

Taylor Rapp, Buffalo Bills
Taylor Rapp, Buffalo Bills / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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The Buffalo Bills were able to do a lot this offseason with what was believed to be a small amount of cap space. General manager Brandon Beane had to get creative and find bargains where he could in free agency.

Some of these moves flew under the radar and may not even have an impact on this season but were moves that will benefit them in the future. These are the five most underrated moves by the Buffalo Bills this offseason.

Buffalo Bills add two 2024 sixth round picks with trades

During the 2023 NFL Draft, general manager Brandon Beane made a number of trades including one in the first round to move up for the opportunity to select tight end Dalton Kincaid. He would also make two trades on Day 3 that could prove to be very valuable next season.

This year the Bills entered the NFL Draft with only six draft picks but next year should have more than the standard seven draft picks. The reason was the two trades the Bills made on Day 3, one with the Washington Commanders and one with the Houston Texans, that netted them two sixth round picks next year.

These two picks, along with the expected third round compensatory pick, gives Brandon Beane plenty of flexibility. He can use these extra sixth round picks in trades near the deadline, similar to what he did by acquiring Nyheim Hines and Dean Marlowe last year or moving around during the 2024 NFL Draft.

These trades may not have generated much buzz but will help the Buffalo Bills as they continue to try and build out a Super Bowl caliber roster.