Buffalo Bills: 5 keys to victory vs. Denver Broncos in Week 10

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1.) Up-tempo offense

Most of the time, Bills fans get a better understanding of how the team will look on Buffalo’s first offensive drive. Part of that is looking at the confidence of Josh Allen and how effectively they can move the ball early on in the game. With the offensive struggles that the team has been having lately, Buffalo should strongly consider moving into an up-tempo kind of offense and catch the Broncos’ defense off guard.

Don’t overthink the defensive scheme for Denver and don’t try to get fancy with the ball. Running an up-tempo offense is beneficial for the Bills not just in this game, but moving forward as well. Offensive Coordinator Ken Dorsey has been getting a lot of heat about questionable play calling so it might be time to change up something for this unit. Going into Monday night, the Bills’ offense needs something different rather than what they have been doing the last couple of weeks.